Alisson Enz
Alisson Enz Mobile and web developer, loves innovative and minimalist designs. Bestseller reader and coffee lover

Let's get started

Let's get started

First things first, I’m not a writer, and I’m not willing to be one. So don’t judge me by how it could be better written, try to enjoy reading as much as I’m enjoying writing, but I’m open to feedback, feel free to send me your thoughts. Second, English is not my native language but I’m trying to improve it, so I hope this blog helps me.

Now, let’s get started

About me

My name is Alisson Enz (btw I’m a man, in Portuguese Alisson is a male name), I’m 27 yo, currently working on my Startup called W3lcome and some side projects that you can check it out on my website EnzRossi


My motivation to start this blog came from a few ideas I had in the past that I believe it’s worth spreading, some knowledge I got in the Business/Leadership/Startup world. I’m not the best in those fields, but every day I’m studying it and will be bringing great posts to help myself learn and teach others.

This blog is completely free and without any ads, so I don’t wanna make any money with it. If you wanna help me, share it with your friends and/or send me an email with any feedback I really appreciate :)


As I said, I’m not a writer, so every post will be short like this one. The main idea is that you don’t feel lazy by the size of the post and read in less than 3 minutes.

That’s it for the first post, thanks for reading.